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3,178 minus 366

By December 5, 2011Portfolio

3,178 minus 366 is a pedal-operated machine that churns butter and generates electricity to power a toaster. Viewers participate in the butter production while on display. 3,178 is the number of calories in one pound of butter and 366 is the number of calories burned during 30 minutes of pedaling an exercise bike. 3178 minus 366 3,178 minus 366, 2010, 96″ x 36″ x 48″, found exercise bike, paint, wood, butter churn, 1922 single slice toaster, batteries, motor, wiring, blocking diode, charge controller, screen printed fabric, lights. The piece was funded by the Weston A. Price Foundation and Kickstarter where it was featured on the blog. After receiving funding and being built it was a part of a solo show called A Legitimate Waste of Time at FluxSpace Gallery in Philadelphia. Download a copy of the catalog. Read the press about the project and work below: Four Pounds Flour, Sarah Lohman, December 2, 2010 Churn baby churn, Philadelphia Weekly, by Roberta Fallon, May 13, 2010 Butter churn bicycle thank you, Food in the Library, by Jason, June 26, 2010 The Crowd’s Capital, Calcalist, by Assaf Gilad, August 8, 2010 Hartke is Online, Kimberly Hartke, November 30, 2009 Tasting Table, November 20, 2009 Video of the butter machine in action:

Pedal Operated Butter Churn from Tim Eads on Vimeo.

. 3178-minus-366 The spoils of our labor

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